Pre Conference Workshops
Sunday April 24 9am- 4pm

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The workshops will be held Sunday April 23 at the Marriott hotel. form 9am – 4pm

PowerShell Refresh: Mastering the Fundamentals in a Day

So you are new to PowerShell or maybe feeling a bit rusty, and wondering what you can do to improve your skill set. If you are attending the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit, the best thing you can do is attend the PowerShell Refresh pre-conference workshop. This event is designed to help you get up to speed quickly on PowerShell 7 fundamentals. This workshop is intended as a crash-course for those who are new to PowerShell or who have been using PowerShell for a while but want to get a refresher on the fundamentals. This session is __*not*__ intended to be a deep dive into PowerShell, but rather a quick overview of the most important PowerShell concepts and features that you will use every day.

The workshop is intended for OnRamp attendees to provide an introduction to this key technology. __OnRamp attendees should plan on attending this workshop as there will be limited PowerShell content in the main OnRamp track.__ For those who are already familiar with PowerShell, this workshop will provide a refresher on the basics, with an emphasis on using PowerShell from a command prompt, as well as a quick overview of the new features in PowerShell 7. Workshop content is equivalent to what you would get from the _Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches_ book, but in a single day.
​The workshop is ticketed separately from the main conference, and is limited to 75 attendees.
​Your guide from the day is Jeff Hicks, a Microsoft MVP and PowerShell community leader. Jeff has been writing about and teaching PowerShell since the beta days of Monad and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2007. He is the co-author of the original PowerShell “Lunches” books and of the PowerShell community’s founding members.

In this session, we will cover the following topics:

          What is PowerShell and Why Should You Care?
          Key Cmdlets You Need to Know
          A Refresher on the PowerShell Language
          Mastering the PowerShell Console
          Extending the Shell with Modules
          PowerShell 7 Features
          Managing with PowerShell Remoting
          An Introduction to PowerShell Scripting

This is not an instructor-led training class complete with labs and exercises. Rather, this is a presentation-style workshop where you will learn about PowerShell fundamentals and best practices. You will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussion, and you are welcome to follow along on your laptop. Come with PowerShell 7 installed on your laptop. The workshop will be running PowerShell on Windows 11, but you are welcome to use any supported operating system.

At the end of the day most attendees should feel more confident in their ability to use PowerShell to manage Windows and Linux systems, and to automate their daily tasks.

Seats are limited to 75 attendees, so register early to reserve your spot and learn PowerShell from one of the original PowerShell experts.

Getting started with Kubernetes

Modern application deployment needs to be fast and consistent to keep up with business objectives, and Kubernetes is now the standard for deploying container-based applications fast. This day-long, hands-on workshop will start with container-based application deployment fundamentals. Then next, an architectural overview of Kubernetes and how it manages application state.

Then we will learn how to interact with a cluster and dive into building, deploying, and maintaining applications in Kubernetes.

At the end of the session, you will know container and Kubernetes fundamentals, how to build a container-based application, and deploy and maintain applications in Kubernetes.